Real Estate Services

Taking you to the finish line.

Whether you are hunting for the ideal commercial space, office sublet, or selling a luxury co-op or condo apartment, we can help. We have been helping clients with their real estate needs for over 20 years — and we love our jobs.

For Commercial Tenants

  • You’re expanding your office, or moving into a commercial space for the first time. Let us help. Here’s our approach:

    1. Numbers can be deceptive. We determine your commercial space requirements. We educate you on the advantages and disadvantages of each submarket.

    2. We do not push our own listings on you—particularly if they don’t fit. Instead, we discover all spaces that do fit: scrutinizing all major internet listings and scouring our own extensive contact list of local brokers and owners.

    Often, we can discover new spaces—even before they hit the market.

    3. Once we locate spaces of interest, we help you to evaluate layouts, and compute a target building’s loss factor.

    4. Once we narrow down the right space, we work with your real estate attorney to help you understand the fine print, and negotiate your lease terms.

    5. We work closely with your architect and IT advisors to build it out—and maximize your business efficiency and growth.

    We’ve helped thousands of businesses locate the perfect space in just this way—and it really is that easy.

  • For Residential Sellers

  • We specialize in high-end residential co-op condo sales in New York City and Westchester. We have been doing so for over 20 years, and we enjoy every deal that we help to close.

    We are highly selective in the properties we represent. Because of this, you get extremely personalized service—including a thorough evaluation of similar properties, which leaves no detail, renovation, amenity, or feature overlooked.

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