Commercial Real Estate Leasing Process

Full service from A to Z.

Any move is daunting, but office moves have their own unique challenges, particularly combined with fears that any move means a partial or complete halt in business operations.

Phase I: Initial Analysis

  • Selecting a real estate agent
  • Review current situation
  • Define requirements for new space and objectives for moving process
  • Set a time table and strategy to meet the objectives

Phase II: Space Selection

  • Overview of the current and near-future markets
  • Examine several space options (brochures, maps, etc.)
  • Tour and inspect the space
  • Send out RFPs (requests for proposals) from selected landlords
  • Review proposals
  • Select the finalists for further review
  • Begin preliminary space planning

Phase III: Compare and Evaluate

  • Onsite/physical analysis
  • Careful analysis of financial aspects*
  • Final review and selection

Phase IV: Negotiation Process

  • Preliminary cost estimates for construction
  • Business term negotiation
  • Letter of intent sign-off
  • Continue and finalize space planning
  • Final Review of lease, including legal term negotiations
  • Approval and execution of lease

Phase V: Construction, Move-In, Monitoring

  • Architect drawings, work permits
  • Order equipment, including telecommunications, furniture, etc.
  • Buildout/construction
  • Move-in and open the office!
  • Monitoring lease terms throughout term of lease

*Financial aspects include, but are not limited to: Options, Operating Expenses, Rentable vs. Useable Space, Mechanical Systems, Loss Factor, Tenant Improvement Package(s), Subleasing Rights, Net Present Value